Single-use plastics banned in Thailand national parks

Yesterday Thailand placed a ban on all styrofoam and single-use plastics to prevent more waste from harming the wildlife. For years, plastic waste and trash has accumulated on the coast of Thailand and grew even more during the coronavirus pandemic. This drastic rise in plastic was a result from takeout foods with their plastic packaging.Continue reading “Single-use plastics banned in Thailand national parks”

No more cigarette butts: No more toxic waste

As many California residents know, cigarette butts are found everywhere we go. These little ends of a cigarette have been an occurring object throughout my entire life. Walking down the street, seeing old cigarette filters filling the gaps in the pavement or covering the vase of a plant. The growing issue of smoking and especiallyContinue reading “No more cigarette butts: No more toxic waste”

Microplastics are becoming a bigger problem then expected

In an article published by Science Daily, they bring up the growing issue of microplastics and how the problem is only getting worse. In their study, they learn that the amount of scientific methods to study microplastics have limited their knowledge about microplastics and how they impact many ecosystems. This could become a serious issueContinue reading “Microplastics are becoming a bigger problem then expected”

Elephants are dying from plastic waste dumps in Sri Lanka

In recent years, researchers in Sri Lanka have become more aware about the growing issue of elephants consuming plastic. In the last 8 years, over 20 elephants have died in the Pallakkadu village in the Ampara district, due to eating plastic. Around many of these villages are garbage dumps, which are filled with food wrappers,Continue reading “Elephants are dying from plastic waste dumps in Sri Lanka”

Microplastics Are Spreading Everywhere

In a recent article published by The Guardian, it talks about how microplastics are being spreading all throughout our environment. Whether it is food, water, or even air, we are consuming microplastics one way or another and are unsure on how they impact us. As for the environment, research has shown that is harms wildlife,Continue reading “Microplastics Are Spreading Everywhere”

Happy New Year From Save Our Pacific

Happy New Year from Save Our Pacific to you! We want to thank everyone that has supported our nonprofit over the past half year and the people that we have met along the way. As a high school student, I didn’t realize how fun and exciting it is to put out information to the public,Continue reading “Happy New Year From Save Our Pacific”

Our Reusable Plastic Isn’t Being Reused, Its Being Shipped Overseas

This past month, an article published by USA Today, brings up the issue of plastic not being reused or recycled correctly. Today, our recycling system is filled with secrets and have no one to hold accountable. Only around 9% of plastic is properly recycled, which leaves for 8 million tons of plastic to enter ourContinue reading “Our Reusable Plastic Isn’t Being Reused, Its Being Shipped Overseas”

New Recycling Strategy in the US

In a recent article published by The Verge, it brings up new ideas that could help increase our recycling rate to move towards a more “circular economy.” This means, that our community recourses are recoverable and reusable to be put towards products, rather than being incinerated or thrown in the dump. It doesn’t just startContinue reading “New Recycling Strategy in the US”

Criminal Groups Profiting from Trafficking Plastic Waste

This past week, the LA Times put out an article discussing criminal groups that are profiting from trafficking plastic waste. They bring up the issue of plastic recycling ending up in the wrong hands, where it is being shipped overseas to be dumped into underdeveloped cities, river ways, and oceans. A report was published byContinue reading “Criminal Groups Profiting from Trafficking Plastic Waste”