Bottled Water is the Same as Tap Water

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In a new article published by the Las Angeles times, they have brought up recent problems with bottled water. This past year, plastic water bottle purchases have sky rocketed due to the effects of Covid-19. Early last year in the beginning stages of the lock down, citizens were scattering grocery stores stocking up on everything they could get their hands on. This caused for more people to buy bottled water because they believe it is safer than tap water. Las Angeles times has brought together research from professionals that says,

“The second thing you should know is that the market leaders for bottled water — Coke and Pepsi — are just filtering and bottling tap water, and then selling it at a big markup.”

LA Times

It is absolutely crazy that these big companies are able to advertise clean “mountain water” and instead sell regular water that you could get for free at home. People need to realize that isn’t benefitting them at all, and is only hurting our environment.

“According to the Container Recycling Institute, Americans throw away more than 60 million plastic water bottles every day. Most end up in landfills, gutters and waterways.”

LA Times

Statistics like this blow my mind. How could most of that end up in non-recyclable centers? If more people choose to no purchase bottled water, then there will be a lower demand for them and hopefully ceased to exist. Items that cause this much damage to our environment, should not be the No.1 beverage in America.

Published by Colin Cuff

Hi I'm Colin Cuff. I'm a Junior at La Canada High School. I'm focused on cleaning up our oceans and making the Earth a more livable place for future generations.

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