Tom Ford’s Watchbands Made 100 Out Of Ocean Plastic

Tom Ford has decided to make a change in our environment by making a new accessory line in his watch selection. With his new release of watchbands made out of 100 percent ocean plastic collected from oceans, coastlines, and landfills. With colors ranging from black, deep blue, bright yellow, or hot pink, it can easily go with any style. This allows for more people to be drawn to the idea of contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution. The article states:

“The collection aims to address plastic waste, which currently contributes to around 11 million tons of ocean pollution yearly. Each timepiece will repurpose the equivalent of approximately 35 bottles of plastic.” 


With Ford’s acts towards making a change, it will hopefully inspire other companies to do the same in the fight to save our oceans.

Published by Colin Cuff

Hi I'm Colin Cuff. I'm a Junior at La Canada High School. I'm focused on cleaning up our oceans and making the Earth a more livable place for future generations.

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