Survey Finds 94% Of People In UK And Wales Believe Fate Of Ocean And Human Life Is Linked

It’s not hard to understand that people out there know exactly how important our oceans are to our survival as a species. In a recent study done in the UK, 94% of those polled believe that the fate of oceans and humans are linked. More than half in that study rate ocean health as “poor or very poor”.

The survey carried out by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Ocean Conservation Trust reveals the depth of understanding between the health of oceans and the pressure on us to keep up their health.

Whether that’s through overfishing or plastic waste, the levels of ecosystem destruction and loss of biodiversity need to go down. This survey just goes to show that people know the issues at hand. It’s on our legislators and other people in positions of power to help pull their weight with this issue.

Our legislators in the US have made strides to protect our oceans, but more than the 3 states who have bans on single-use plastics need to get with the program. Almost three-quarters of the people polled in this survey said plastic pollution and litter was the greatest threat to the health of the seas.

That’s all you need to know. Ban single-use plastics in ALL states, across the board.

Source: Ocean Conservation Trust Survey

Published by Colin Cuff

Hi I'm Colin Cuff. I'm a Junior at La Canada High School. I'm focused on cleaning up our oceans and making the Earth a more livable place for future generations.

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